What the Internet is:

The Internet, the web, cyberspace, and the ‘net are all terms that generally mean the same thing, in this case, we will call it the Internet. The Internet is a NETwork of computers, all over the world, INTERconnected to each other and available to any individual. The Internet is used for many different activities including shopping, communicating, learning, and distributing information. Unfortunately, you cannot open a door to a house and walk outside to “go into the Internet.” Computers are a primary tool you’ll utilize to use the Internet. The Internet is somewhat difficult to describe because you cannot touch it (in a way similar to software). It seems invisible—only computers can see it – and you can see it through a computer. Sometimes the Internet is best described in comparison to a library. The Internet is made up of many individual components, just like a library is made up of many books. The Internet’s components have even more individual parts, just like a book has pages.

Internet Glossary

Browser – A software program that allows Internet documents (like webpages) to be viewed, also called a Web Browser. Cyberspace – The world of computer networks. Domain Name – A unique name that identifies a specific computer on the Internet. Download – A term for transferring software or other files from one computer to another. Email – Electronic Mail – Messages sent from one specific user to another using the Internet. Email address – The way a specific user is identified so that they may receive email. An email address can be identified by the “@”  Home Page – The first page of a Website, similar to a table of contents. HTML – HyperText Markup Language- A computer language used to make hypertext documents that are sent via the World Wide Web and viewed using a Browser. HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol – The way that hypertext documents are transferred over the Internet. Hypertext – A way of presenting information that allows words, pictures, sounds, and actions to be inter-linked so that you may jump between them however you choose. Link – A word, phrase, or image that allows you to jump to another document on the World Wide Web. Search Engine – A website that indexes and allows searching of information gathered from the Internet. Google is an example of this. URL – Uniform Resource Locator – The entire address for a piece of information of the Internet. E.g., Webpage – A hypertext document available on the World Wide Web. Website – A collection of webpages. World Wide Web – A collection of resources available on the Internet using a web browser.


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